DataONE ONEDrive

See DataONE Python Products for an overview of the DataONE libraries and other products implemented in Python.

DataONE ONEDrive enables DataONE objects stored in Zotero citation manager libraries to be accessed like regular files on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. This allows users to open remote DataONE objects locally and work with them as if they reside on the user’s computer. For instance, a spread sheet that is stored on a Member Node can be opened directly in Excel.

DataONE objects can be added to a Zotero library via the ONEMercury search tool. Objects can also be added in all the other ways that Zotero supports. ONEDrive connects to a Zotero library and makes all DataONE objects within the library accessible as regular files. Zotero collections are represented as folders in the ONEDrive filesystem.


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