Using GMN

After GMN has been set up according the setup instructions, it exposes the complete REST interface that DataONE has defined for Member Nodes. Currently, the easiest way to interact with GMN is to use the DataONE Command Line Client (CLI). The CLI is installed automatically with GMN and can be started by typing “dataone”. The CLI can also be scripted to perform tasks such as bulk object creations to populate an instance of GMN with science data.

See /gmn/setup/ubuntu/gmn/testing, /gmn/setup/centos/12-testing and the DataONE Command Line Interface (CLI) documentation for more information about how to use the CLI.

If more comprehensive access to the Node is required, DataONE provides libraries in Java and Python that simplify the process of interacting with DataONE Member Nodes and Coordinating Nodes. The libraries can be used as foundations for custom applications that use the DataONE infrastructure.