Generic Member Node (GMN)

See DataONE Python Products for an overview of the DataONE libraries and other products implemented in Python.

The Generic Member Node (GMN) is a DataONE Member Node MN). It provides an implementation of MN APIs and can be used by organizations to expose their science data to DataONE if they do not wish to create their own, native MN.

GMN can be used as a standalone MN or it can be used for exposing data that is already available on the web, to DataONE. When used in this way, GMN provides a DataONE compatible interface to existing data and does not store the data.

GMN can also be used as a workbone or reference for a 3rd party MN implementation. If an organization wishes to donate storage space to DataONE, GMN can be set up as a replication target.


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