DataONE Common Library for Python

See DataONE Python Products for an overview of the DataONE libraries and other products implemented in Python.

The DataONE Common Library for Python is a component of the DataONE Investigator Toolkit (ITK). It forms the foundation on which higher level components in the DataONE Python stack are built. It provides functionality commonly needed by clients, servers and other applications that interact with the DataONE infrastructure, including:

  • Serializing, deserializing, validating and type conversions for the DataONE XML types

  • Parsing and generating X.509 v3 certificates with DataONE extension

  • Parsing and generating OAI-ORE Resource Maps as used by DataONE

  • Utilities for working with XML documents, URLs, date-times, etc, in the context of DataONE


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